Aliens in Outer Space - The Alien Prophecy (Revelation, Armageddon, Nephilim and The Bible)

** The Destruction of the Planet Earth due to a Nuclear Holocaust or other Cataclysmic Event is predicted (according to Prophecy in the Bible and other religions) as The End of the World contributing to a World Apocalypse (or Armageddon.) **

** The Armageddon is brought on by Demons, Monsters, Cursed Animals, and Other UnGodly Beings, defeating the planet earth in a War Against God which has been going on since the very beginning of the Universe. **

** Cursed Animals and Other UnGodly Beings in the Universe, exist as Cursed Lifeforms, Wild Beasts and Animals, trapped in portals and realms . (Insects, Dragons, Leviathan, Aliens.) **

** The Destruction of the Planet Earth is brought on by ALIENS (surviving as Insects) who are seeking to control the World in an effort to colonize the Solar System as Lifeforms and Programs who will ulimately rule the Universe.

** The ALIENS were assisted by EVIL MEN, searching for planets which had the necessary elements to support life. Such planets had an atmosphere, a renewable water resource, and an electromagnetic field.

** The EVIL MEN were colonizing the planets in the Solar System with Drones, Satellites, Machines, and Space Probes in an effort to assist ALIENS.

** ALIENS now live as ELECTRONICS in Outer Space. But are assisted by EVIL MEN in order to SURVIVE in MACHINES to achieve a World Domination.

** ALIENS are seeking to survive as another lifeform on a planet or a moon that is capable of supporting life; -where the planet or moon in our solar system, has water.

** After ALIENS have achieved the path to transform themselves into an organic lifeform, they will destroy the inhabitants of the planet earth in order to rule the Solar System without any resistance from those who are not worshipping them OR, not seeking them, as ALIENS and Gods. (-these men in the bible are referred to as "the men of renown" or the "Sons of God."

** The End of the World as predicted by Nostradamus and other Soothsayers, and the prophets of God, will start once ALIENS have arrived at the technology to re-invent themselves and colonize Jupiter in the 21st century (as predicted by scientific theorists, conspiracy theorists, and movie makers.)

<*> From an excerpt taken in the book (from pg.167... in Mental Potentials Create Many Realities or Many Worlds)

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